Robert Kraft gets to match the first $ 500,000 in donations to the Progeria research Foundation

-The recent fundraising campaign to help those suffering from rare disease of aging has raised considerably more than its goal, giving Kraft the opportunity to keep his promise.

Robert Kraft/Getty

The fundraising campaign organized by Progeria Research Foundation has raised $ 678,262 thus far in the struggle to help sufferers of the disease which is an extreme form of premature aging.

With the disease is so rare that most people in America were aware of it, until the documentary on the life history of suffering from Progeria, Sam Berns, produced by HBO, entitled "life according to Sam," which was shown on national television on Monday, October 21.

Before the documentary makes its television debut, Robert Kraft was given a preview showing. Apparently, Kraft was so mover that has increased its initial commitment to donate $ 100,000 to the appeal five fold on the condition that it would match the same value of donations.

Such was the response to the heart-rending documentary, that the Foundation has already managed to meet this target, and donations continue to flood before its closing date of October 31.

Thank's a pledge by Robert Kraft, the total for the appeal now equal to almost 1.2 million next.

Audrey Gordon, President and Executive Director of the Progeria Research Foundation expressed its appreciation of the magnanimous gesture of Kraft and how open the door for other Progeria patients, all children, in order to participate in our clinical trials and further finance research that we hope may one day find a cure for the disease, which ill have a life expectancy, going to their teens.

. "We have more work to do and Yes, more money to raise. Going to take $ 3 million more to ensure that every sufferer of Progeria known can participate in clinical trials. " MS. Gordon outlined.

Sam, who comes from a Jewish family, lives in Foxboro, Massachusetts, where he attended regular school and is active in school activities, as well as being a member of Boy Scouts despite his condition.

The Foundation was established 14 years ago by Gordon along with parents ' Berns, Leslie Gordon and Scott Berns, who are both doctors.

As the present appeal winds up to exceptional success, Audrey Gordon too long to thank all the thousands of donors who ranged from new and longtime supporters of the Foundation, including a number of Hollywood celebrities who "dug deep and rallied around this challenge with energy and enthusiasm that was contagious and uplifting".

Robert Kraft was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts. After completing high school, Kraft went on to graduate from Columbia University, then going on to receive his masters from Harvard Business School in 1965.

Apart from his business and sports Robert Kraft has always been active in the field of philanthropy, reported to have donated over $ 100 million for a variety of charitable causes both in America and in Israel, focused around education, health care and the promotion of sport for youth among other causes.

Among the many institutions that Kraft argued over the years are Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, Tufts University, Boston College, Harvard Business School and Columbia University

Paul Reichmann World’s Master Builder Dies at 83

Paul Reichmann has died. According to a spokesperson for the family he died on Friday morning at the age of 83.
Paul Reichman was one of five brothers who left Tangier, Morocco to emigrate to Canada. Morocco had been a way-station for the family which had earlier fled from persecution in Vienna.

There he and his brother Albert built up the private development company Olympia and York into what became for a time the largest commercial property company in the world. Later it all collapsed in a sea of debt as the real estate crash of the nineteen nineties reduced rents and drained the company of the liquidity it needed to ride out the storms.

Nevertheless Paul Reichmann changed the commercial property map of three cities – Toronto, New York and London with three massive developments.
In Toronto he built the First Canadian Place complex smack in the middle of downtown, emulating successfully the earlier construction by the Bronfman family of the Toronto Dominion Center across the street.

In New York he built the Cesar Pelli designed World Financial Center on landfill at Battery Park. This was only across the road from the World Trade Center itself, but at the time was considered akin to being somewhere closer to the moon.

In London he commenced the massive Canary Wharf  development in the east end of London which, when it was finished, totally shifted the financial center of gravity of the city. In the process he lost control of the project when it was still unfinished, after his company was forced into bankruptcy in 1992. He bought back in to the project a few years later though, only to hit the wall of the next major recession, triggered by the 2008 financial crisis, when he lost his stake a second time to a bank repossession.

As a life-long observant Jew his company Olympia and York always closed down completely for the Sabbath.

Reichmann was born in Vienna in 1930 to Samuel Reichmann, a wealthy egg merchant and his wife René. the family were Orthodox Jews who came originally from a small town in Hungary, but his father found success in Vienna as a merchant.

The family escaped the Nazi occupation of Austria, the “Anschluss”, which took place on March 12th, 1938 by sheer chance as they had left, on that very fateful day in Austrian and European history, to visit Paul’s grandfather in Hungary who had suffered a stroke.

Giving up their lives in Vienna at a stroke, they made their way from Hungary to Paris, initially settling there like many such emigrés. The Reichmann family were forced to flee again when France fell to the Germans, eventually making their way to the neutral city of Tangier. In Tangier, the family prospered as Samuel became a significant currency trader. After the war was over, by then a teenager Paul left home to study religion first in Britain and then in Israel, and he became a Rabbi. In 1953 he returned to Morocco to become a shirt retailer and to marry his wife Lea, and then in 1956 the whole family upped stakes one more time to come to Canada where Paul began to build his real estate empire from scratch.

Arkady Rotenberg si sposta in spazio esterno paga $28 milioni per Skanex


Rotenberg has invested $ 28 million to acquire a majority stake of Skanex, one of the main actors in the field of space technology of Russia.



Arkady Rotenberg/Getty


Arkady Rotenberg took his widespread activities spread throughout the Russia forward and upward and also with regard to deep outer space.

Rotenberg has become the majority shareholder in Skanex, which specialize in the provision of observation from outer space all over the territory of Russia as well as that of other CIS member countries. The CIS was formed after the breakup of the Soviet Union.

Arkady Rotenberg will now be able to look down on them from above, in real time and with a very high resolution.

Business analysts in Russia seem to be of the opinion that the reason why shared Rotenberg has gained control of Skanex is that his group is interested in participating in the initiative to establish an accurate map cadastral and real estate have allocated about $ 1.7 billion to complete the project to define local and national boundaries in the country.

Cadastral map is a full log of real estate or real property boundaries in a country and the ability to produce a map from outer space, using satellite technology has become an increasingly common practice in the world.

Most countries that make use of satellite images to define the exact size and location of the plots, as they are listed in the legal documents and are largely used to settle legal disputes and lawsuits regarding the boundaries of the property.



With an eye to the future and gaining a share of the potentially lucrative activity, Rotenberg has acquired 90 percent of shares, Skanex, for $ 28 million. The remaining 10 percent of the company being kept by the founders of the company, Vladimir and Olga Gershenson.

Skanex has the distinction of being one of the lost running hi-tech companies in Russia, founded in 1989, when the country was still part of the Soviet Union.

Providing a full range of high-tech services, not only including interception of images of the Earth from outer space but also their thematic processing, Skanex are also the owners and operators of a network of ground stations across Russia and a number of member countries of the CIS that assimilate data from a network of satellites, which allow the transmission of a large number of television channels for Russian consumers. Skunks are also working closely with the world's largest Internet search engine, Yandex, Russia to provide their high-resolution maps and images of the Earth's surface.

While these operations will no doubt welcome some strings of arc Arkady Rotenberg, there is no doubt that the main subject of interest will always be a portion, if not all, the $ 1.7 billion in the Russian Federation, to be completed by the end of 2016, the country, with a land mass of 6.5 million square kilometres, will move to a single open the geocentric coordinate system, designed to increase the precision of real estate cadastre of the State.

Arkady Rotenberg , born and raised in the city of Leningrad and a graduate of the Institute of physical culture in Leningrad continued to build a successful career in the world of trade and industry, becoming one of the most influential businessmen in Russia, with important holdings in some of the largest companies in the country, including SGM group, now one of the largest suppliers of steel pipes of the former Soviet bloc. Rotenberg also holds an interest in a major Russian Mostotrest based road Construction Corporation and a controlling stake in SMP Bank, the Group Avia TPS, besides being President of the hockey club Dynamo Moscow.

Avi Lerner Wants To Make Some Of Hollywood’s Top Female Film Stars “Expendable”

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A female version of an all action movie is the latest project that Lerner is working on.

Cameron Diaz,  Jamie Lee Curtis and Milla Jovovich / Getty


The recent success of the Expendables action movies, starring some of the industry’s aging male action superstars such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Robert De Niro, Mickey Rourke, Bruce Willis and the master of all action heroes Sylvester Stallone has prompted Lerner to produce a female version which has so far earned the working title of “The ExpendaBelles”.

With the male equivalent, the Expendables onto its second follow-up, and  with veteran Hollywood tough guys almost queuing up to take part, while film lovers from audiences all over the world during up to watch them, Lerner knows that he has hit yet another winning formula. A formula that he wants to take on to the next stage- an all female version.

To shoot the “ExpendaBelles” Lerner is reportedly going after some of the Hollywood’s leading female talent, and once again the Hollywood rumor mill is working flat-out. Rumors are flying with names such as Cameron Diaz, Milla Jovovich, Jamie Lee Curtis  already being mentioned  as strong starters , and even Oscar winners Helen Mirren and  Meryl Streep being added to the list of possibilities.



 Helen Mirren and  Meryl Streep/ Getty


What is for sure is the movie is due to be sorted Bulgaria, early  next year, with the all-female screenwriting team of  Karen McCullah Lutz and Kirsten Smith, who wrote “Legally Blonde” already working on the screenplay. Lerner has stated that he hopes to appoint a female director to work with him on the movie, although no names have been mentioned to date.

All that Lerner is admitting in the meantime is that he sees the film being based around an all female group of possibly “seven or eight women mercenaries.”  Avi Lerner did not dismiss the future possibility that the Expendables and the ExpendaBelles might even star together some kind of ultimate action movie, with the only prerequisite being that all members of the cast be at least forty years old.



Avi Lerner (Center)  / Getty


Avi Lerner was born and raised in Haifa, Israel. After serving in the Paratrooper Brigade, and taking part in the Six Day War of 1967, Lerner began his career in the film industry, working in Tel Aviv. After a few years, Avi moved to South Africa, where he was involved in the production of several locally based films, as well as building   a chain of movie theaters.

Lerner wanted to try his luck in Hollywood, meaning that the next step in his globetrotting adventures saw him there, accepting an offer to take up the role as President of Global Pictures, an independent production/distribution company,

After he had gotten the lie of LaLa Land Lerner left Global to found his own production companies, Nu Image and Millennium Films in partnership with Danny Dimbort and Trevor Short. Both companies found themselves a niche in the industry, producing action films in the genre of Rambo, which he has now taken a step further by becoming an equal opportunity employer in the film industry.


NIS13 million ($ 3.6 million) Class Action Suit against Show late of Rihanna In Israel

"The manufacturers did not provide the full value for the show and pocketed huge sums of money".



A lawsuit ($ 3.6 million) 13 million NIS was presented with the Tel Aviv District Court with a request to have it recognized as a class action suit against the manufacturers of Rihanna's performance in Tel Aviv, Shai Mor-Yosef and Guy Beser.

The petitioner, Liron Shor, which was a performance, says, "the producers did not provide the full value for the show and pocketed huge sums of money". He argues, "the show began an hour and ten minutes late, during which time the public stopped and waited with great frustration and sense of insult and rage."

Shor adds, "given the failure of the value, the purpose of the process is to compensate for the public, which is why this suit is of great public importance".

Rihanna's performance, last Tuesday, I was called by members of the public, "improvised", "Absolutely shocking" and "disgraceful". One person said, "we feel cheated and deceived.

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Jeremy Levin Teva CEO threatens to resign

Jeremy Levin threatened to resign due to interference by the Board of Directors.

Jeremy Levin


Israeli Channel 2 News reported that Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. (NYSE:TEVA; TASE: TEVA) CEO Jeremy Levin, aides said that unless the Board of Directors stopped interference in management of the company, it would consider resigning. "This would put the company at risk," says Teva management in a letter to the Board of Directors. In the letter, Teva's management asked the Council to stop interfering in the management of the company.

The letter was written after Levin's meeting with Histadrut (General Federation of labour in Israel) Chairman Ofer Eini, in which they discussed plan rationalisation and Teva plans to shoot up to 800 employees in Israel. Levin promised Eini that layoffs in Israel would only be taken in coordination with the Histadrut.

However, the Board of Directors Teva is demanding that Israel be layoffs in full.

Teva denies the report.

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Thor Equities LLC Aquairs Barneys Department Store Building In Chicago For $154 Million

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 Barneys department store building in Chicago


Thor Equities LLC  the New York-based real estate investor signed a contract to acquire  Barneys department store building on Oak street, Chicago , for $154 million. The price represents a 32 percent jump from the $117 million that the seller, New York-based Property and Building Ltd. (TASE:PTBL) subsidiary of  Tel Aviv, Israel-based IDB Holding Corp. Ltd. (TASE:IDBH) , paid for the property in March 2011. According to Israeli Globes, the company bought the property for $ 122 million of which $42 million was financed from equity and $80 million was financed with a long-term loan.

Barneys New York occupies 90,000 square feet of the building under a lease that runs through 2024. A Citigroup Inc. bank branch occupies the remaining 4,600 square feet.  The building generated $10.1 million in net operating income last year, according to a Bloomberg L.P. report on an $80 million loan encumbering the property. That would make Thor’s initial yield, or capitalization rate, on the sale about 6.6 percent.

The transaction is among the most expensive retail property sales in the downtown Chicago in recent years.

The sale price reflects the property’s fair value in Property and Building’s books, and it will not report an accounting gain or loss on the deal. Property and Building CEO Segi Eitan told Globes , “The Barneys’ deal reflects the company’s ability to locate and improve unique income-producing assets in terms of their location, timing, and quality of their tenants. The cash-on-cash yield on the company’s investment is 94%”.